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Phone number lookup is an easy way to gain a better understanding of the quality of a user or payment. With phone number lookup, you can quickly identify a number’s owner name or business name, carrier, location, spam & risk score, and much more. Phone number lookup give you and your team more confidence to prevent fake accounts and detect frauds before they occur.

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What Is a Phone Number Lookup?

Phone number lookup gives more details about a particular phone number. This can include the phone number owner’s name as well as the carrier, location, and line type of the number. Differentiating between a landline and a mobile or phone number can be useful to check if the phone number is a personal or business number.

Number lookups can also determine if the mobile number is associated with a virtual number such as VOIP. These numbers usually represent a higher-risk user or transaction, since they are not the owner’s real mobile number. The IPQS phone lookup can also identify spam scores and risk scores associated with the mobile numbers reported for abuse. More details about the carrier network can be checked using our free carrier lookup tool.

How Do Phone Number Lookup Work?

Phone number lookup typically connect directly to a telecom’s network to retrieve details from the carrier about the user’s name, location, active status, line type, and similar details. IPQS also maintains reputation data to identify numbers associated with risky behavior, spam, and similar abuse. Additional phone details about the subscriber’s number can be checked with a free reverse phone number lookup. To identify if a phone number is active or disconnected, please use the home location registry (HLR) service, which can directly communicate with phone carriers to detect the user line status.

Can I Check the Phone With a Number Lookup API?

Phone number lookup
Phone number lookup

The IPQS phone number lookup API allows for on-demanreal-time in real time. Check any number in over 150 countries to determine if the number is active and in service or disconnected. Access the industry’s leading phone number fraud detection solution with advanced risk scoring. Retrieve real time data such as carrier, line type, VOIP status, validation, and much more directly into your website or app.

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6 FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites with Name

Answering unknown calls risks exposure to scams, but ignoring them may mean missing crucial opportunities or information. Reverse phone number lookup technology identifies unknown callers, providing details like real name and address. While such tools exist, not all are affordable and reliable. A list of top reverse phone number lookup sites offers choices with their features, pros, cons, and website links.

list of FREE Reverse Phone number Lookup Sites

1) Spokeo

2) Intelius

3) Social Catfish

4) Instant Checkmate

5) Truecaller

6) Whitepages

1) Spokeo Phone Number Lookup

Spokeo, a comprehensive search tool, allowing users to locate individuals using names and phone numbers. It reveals personal information such as birth dates and anniversaries. Offering rapid identity discovery, Spokeo requires a premium subscription for detailed insights. It’s widely used for re-establishing connections with relatives, old friends, and professional associates.


  • Spokeo’s mobile number reverse lookup offers a complimentary initial search.
  • Delivers precise information swiftly.
  • A corporate solution tailored for business administration.
  • Notifies members about modifications in data.
  • Capability for searching by name.
  • Includes reverse phone lookup functionality.
  • Features reverse address lookup service.
  • Complimentary access to basic search outcomes.


  • Spokeo excels in rapid response to search inquiries.
  • Offers extensive details on unidentified phone numbers.
  • Members with premium subscriptions can perform unlimited searches.


  • Service is exclusive to the United States.

2) Intelius Phone Number lookup

Intelius stands out as a premier reverse phone number lookup service, expertly designed to identify unknown callers. Utilizing extensive public records, it efficiently pinpoints the caller’s identity upon entering an unfamiliar number. Its comprehensive reports offer key insights, including the owner’s name, address history, date of birth, relatives, and phone type. Additionally, users can access preliminary information like location history, line type, and carrier at no cost on its user-friendly website.

Intelius phone number lookup
Intelius phone number lookup


  • Guarantees subscriber privacy.
  • Offers unlimited search access for premium members.
  • Delivers thorough reports swiftly.
  • Adheres to the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Provides a facility for searching individual names.
  • Includes a reverse phone number search option.
  • Features a reverse address search service.
  • Affordable introductory offer: 6-day trial for just $0.95.


  • Rapid processing of search queries.
  • Generates in-depth and comprehensive reports.
  • Intelius ensures high-level confidentiality and robust security for all its users.


  • The service is restricted to users within the United States only.

3) Social Catfish Phone number lookup

Social Catfish serves as an innovative online directory, offering a comprehensive reverse phone number lookup service for free. It streamlines the process of finding business information, including company addresses, websites, emails, and phone numbers. Additionally, it extends its services to include reverse phone lookup and social media account identification, all accessible through a user-friendly interface for quick and convenient searches.

Social catfish phone number lookup


  • Caller Identification through Phone Lookup: This tool enables the identification of callers by inputting their phone numbers, revealing who’s behind those unknown calls.
  • Access to Public Records: Delve into an extensive archive of public documents, uncovering details like criminal histories, marriage, and divorce records.
  • Residential Information via Address Search: Discover the residents and property owners of a given address, including their contact details.
  • Comprehensive Business Directory: Find crucial details of both local and international companies, including their locations.
  • Individual Name Searches: Locate individuals through their names.
  • Reverse Number Tracing: Identify the origin of phone numbers by reversing the lookup.
  • Backtracking Addresses: Uncover information linked to specific addresses.
  • Introductory Free Trial: Explore the service with a 5-day free trial period.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed for ease of navigation and use.
  • Instantaneous Search Results: Search queries yield rapid results, streamlining the information retrieval process.
  • Extensive Business Insights: Gain access to a wealth of business-related information applicable to both local and international entities.


  • Narrowed Focus on Business Profiles: The service primarily concentrates on business-related searches, which might limit its effectiveness for comprehensive personal background searches.

4) Instant Checkmate Phone Number Lookup

Instant Checkmate is a comprehensive phone number lookup service that enables users to uncover a wealth of information about phone number owners. It can reveal names, addresses, and associated images by leveraging public data. Ideal for identifying potential scammers and reconnecting with lost contacts, it also offers insights into related social media profiles and other background details. This valuable tool, accessible exclusively to paying members, compiles detailed reports to aid in various personal and professional contexts.

Instant Checkmate phone number lookup


  • Dynamic Individual Search Capabilities: Utilize a person’s first name, last name, or city of residence to locate them swiftly.
  • Advanced Federal Inmate Lookup: This feature encompasses an extensive search of federal prison records, inclusive of information on traffic violations, criminal records, and arrest histories.
  • Commitment to User Privacy: The service emphasizes safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of its users.
  • Enhanced Report Details: Reports generated may include links to social media profiles, offering a broader view of the individual’s digital footprint.
  • Affordable Unlimited Telephone Searches: For a nominal fee of $5.99 per month, gain access to unlimited phone number searches, enhancing the scope of your investigative capabilities.


  • User-Friendly Design: The interface is intuitively designed, making it straightforward and effortless to navigate.
  • Detailed, Portable Reports: The service excels in providing detailed reports that are conveniently formatted for easy accessibility and portability.


  • Query Processing Efficiency: There is room for improvement in the speed at which search queries are processed, which can sometimes be slower than desired.

5) Truecaller Phone Number Lookup

Truecaller, a versatile caller ID application, swiftly identifies unknown callers by merely entering their phone numbers. This globally available tool filters out robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers, enhancing user privacy. While desktop access requires registration, its mobile version instantly reveals caller identities. Additionally, Truecaller offers smart SMS management and an organized spam inbox, elevating its utility.

Truecaller Phone Number Lookup


  • Immediate Caller Identification: Truecaller promptly shows the identity of incoming callers, providing real-time information.
  • Advanced Dialer & SMS Intelligence: The app integrates a sophisticated dialer and smart messaging functionality, enhancing communication efficiency.
  • Call Announcement Feature: Truecaller offers a voice-based announcement of incoming calls, adding an extra layer of convenience.
  • Ghost Call Scheduling: Users can schedule fake calls, a unique feature for various personal needs.
  • Profile View Monitoring: The app enables users to track who has checked their Truecaller profile, offering insight into their reach.


  • Rapid Caller ID Display: Truecaller offers immediate identification of callers, streamlining the process of knowing who’s calling.
  • Unmasking Private Numbers: The app excels in revealing the identity of otherwise hidden or private numbers.
  • Robocall Blocking: Truecaller effectively filters and blocks unwanted robocalls, enhancing user privacy and reducing disturbances.


  • Inconsistent Performance Across Regions: Truecaller’s functionality may vary, with less optimal performance in certain geographical areas.


6) Whitepages Phone Number Lookup

Whitepages, a comprehensive tool for reverse phone lookups, provides users with in-depth reports about individuals linked to any phone number. These reports include a scam/fraud rating, verified criminal records, age, address, and business records. By simply inputting an unknown number into the website’s search bar, users quickly receive detailed information, making it an essential resource for identifying unknown callers.



  • Integrated tools for comprehensive background investigations.
  • Ability to uncover historical names, including maiden names and detailed property histories.
  • Access to a log of recently queried telephone numbers.
  • Resources for conducting tenant screenings and accessing Yellow Pages information.
  • Options for organizing and managing the data you research.
  • Capability to discover details like the owner’s identity, location, contact number, and more.


  • Exceptional speed in delivering search results.
  • Comprehensive and detailed caller identification reports.
  • Intuitively designed interface, making it easy to navigate and use.


  • Service is restricted to users within the United States, lacking international availability.


How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

To utilize a reverse phone lookup service, just input the phone number you wish to investigate and press the search icon.

The method for investigating unfamiliar numbers on Spokeo is as follows.

Step 1) Access the portal using this link: Spokeo Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Input the desired telephone number into the provided field.
  • Proceed by selecting the “Search Now” option.

Step 2) Spokeo conducts a thorough database search to verify the number’s availability. 

To access the complete report, a fee of $0.95 is required for further examination.

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