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One of the most interesting aspects of Steven Bartlett career is his net worth. According to reports, his net worth was £71 million in 2019 when he was just 26 years old. As of 2024, Steven Bartlett Net Worth is estimated to be £50 million. This is an impressive achievement for someone who started out as a school dropout and once had to steal food from corner shops to survive. His success has made him a role model for young entrepreneurs all over the world.

Steven Bartlett is a well-known British entrepreneur and podcaster who has made a name for himself in the business world. As the founder of Thirdweb, Flight Story, and Flight Fund, he has demonstrated his ability to create successful companies. He was also the co-founder and co-CEO of Social Chain, a social media company that went public in 2019.

Despite his success, Steven Bartlett remains humble and focused on his goals. He continues to run his companies and podcast, The Diary of a CEO, while also appearing as an investor on the BBC One show Dragons’ Den. His story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a willingness to take risks.

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Steven Bartlett’s Early Life and Career

Steven Bartlett Net Worth 2024

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Early Entrepreneurial Ventures

Bartlett was born on August 26, 1992, in Botswana. He spent his early years in Manchester, UK, where he attended school. Steven showed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, starting his first business at the age of 16. He sold sweets and chocolate bars to his classmates, making a profit by buying them in bulk and selling them individually.

After graduating from high school, Bartlett decided not to go to university. Instead, he started a business called Wallpark, which sold advertising space on walls in nightclubs. This venture was not successful, and Bartlett lost all the money he had invested in it.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Rise to Fame with Social Chain

Despite the failure of Wallpark, Bartlett did not give up on his entrepreneurial dreams. In 2014, he co-founded Social Chain, a social media marketing agency that quickly gained attention for its innovative approach to marketing. The company’s clients included major brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, and Amazon.

Under Bartlett’s leadership, Social Chain grew rapidly, and in 2018, it was valued at over £200 million. Bartlett himself became a well-known figure in the business world, and he was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Europe in 2017.

In 2020, Bartlett stepped down as CEO of Social Chain to focus on other projects. He has since become a popular public speaker and podcaster, and he has written a book called “Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths About Fulfilment, Love and Success”. As of 2024, Steven Bartlett net worth is estimated to be around £50 million.

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Steven Bartlett Net Worth Overview

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven Bartlett is a successful entrepreneur and investor who made a name for himself after founding social media agency Social Chain. As of 2019, Steven Bartlett net worth was £71 million when he was only 26 years old. Although his current net worth is unknown, it is clear that he has continued to accumulate wealth through his various ventures.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Earnings from Social Chain

Social Chain, the social media marketing agency that Steven co-founded, went public in 2019 and currently has a market cap of around $630 million. As one of the co-founders and co-CEOs of the company, Steven played a significant role in its success. His earnings from Social Chain were a major contributor to his impressive net worth.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Investments and Other Ventures

Steven Bartlett has also invested in several other ventures, including Thirdweb, Flight Story, and Flight Fund. He has also appeared as an investor on the BBC One show Dragons’ Den since 2021. These investments and ventures have undoubtedly contributed to his net worth.

In addition to his business ventures, Steven is also a successful podcaster. He runs The Diary of a CEO podcast, which has gained a large following. It is likely that his podcast has also contributed to his overall net worth.

Overall, Steven Bartlett net worth is a testament to his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. Through his various ventures and investments, he has accumulated an impressive amount of wealth.

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Public Speaking and Media Presence

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Keynote Speeches and Conferences

Steven Bartlett is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a renowned public speaker. He has been invited to speak at various conferences and events around the world. His keynote speeches are known for their motivational and inspiring messages, which have helped many people to achieve their goals.

One of his most notable speeches was at the TEDx Manchester event in 2016, where he talked about the power of social media and how it can be used to create positive change in the world. He also spoke at the Web Summit in Lisbon in 2018, where he discussed the future of social media and its impact on society.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth: Podcast and Book Contributions

Steven Bartlett is also an author and a podcaster. He has written a book called “Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfilment, Love and Success,” which was published in 2021. The book is a memoir that chronicles his journey from a struggling entrepreneur to a successful millionaire.

In addition, he hosts a podcast called “The Diary of a CEO,” which has become very popular among entrepreneurs and business leaders. The podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, where they share their insights and experiences.

Overall, Steven Bartlett’s public speaking and media presence have helped him to build a strong personal brand and establish himself as a thought leader in the business world. His contributions to the world of entrepreneurship and his commitment to helping others achieve success have made him a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Philanthropy and Personal Investments

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven Bartlett is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a philanthropist who has made significant personal investments in various businesses. He is a firm believer in giving back to society and has made several charitable donations to various organizations.

One of Steven’s notable investments is Vivino, a wine app that helps users discover and purchase wine. He invested in the app in 2015, and it has since grown to become the world’s largest wine marketplace. He has also invested in Isar Aerospace, a German space technology company that aims to reduce the cost of space travel.

In addition to his investments, Steven has also made personal donations to various charities, including The Prince’s Trust, a UK-based charity that helps young people get into education, training, and employment. He has also donated to Manchester’s Children’s Hospital, which provides care for sick children and their families.

Steven’s philanthropic efforts extend beyond financial contributions. He is also an advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken publicly about his struggles with depression. He has used his platform to encourage people to seek help and has partnered with various mental health organizations to raise awareness and support.

Overall, Steven Bartlett’s net worth has allowed him to make significant personal investments and philanthropic contributions. His investments and charitable donations have made a positive impact on various industries and communities.

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1. What is Steven Bartlett net worth?

Steven Bartlett estimated net worth is around $50 million. As a successful entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer, he has built a substantial fortune through various business ventures and investments.

2. How did Steven Bartlett make his money?

Steven Bartlett made his money through his successful career as an entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder of the social media marketing agency, Social Chain, and has also invested in numerous businesses and startups, contributing to his impressive net worth.

3. What are the main sources of Steven Bartlett’s wealth?

The main sources of Steven Bartlett’s wealth include his ownership stake in Social Chain, his investments in various companies, and his earnings from speaking engagements, book sales, and other business ventures.

4. Is Steven Bartlett a millionaire?

Yes, Steven Bartlett is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of around $20 million. His entrepreneurial success and strategic investments have contributed to his status as a wealthy individual.

5. How does Steven Bartlett net worth compare to other entrepreneurs?

Steven Bartlett’s net worth places him among the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, and his achievements in the business world have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the industry. While his net worth may vary in comparison to other entrepreneurs, he has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the business and investment landscape.

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