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Nigeria is a country with a rich and vibrant entertainment industry. Music, movies, and television are all popular forms of entertainment in Nigeria, and there is a large and passionate following for Nigerian celebrities. Entertainment news is therefore an important part of Nigerian culture, and it is followed closely by Nigerians both at home and abroad.

Asake’s Spotify Dominance

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Nigeria, and Nigerian music artists are some of the most successful in the world. Asake is one of the most popular Nigerian music artists right now, and he recently became the most-streamed artist on Spotify in Nigeria for 2023. This is a huge achievement for Asake, and it is a testament to his popularity and his talent.

Rema’s Health-Related Concert Cancellations

Another popular Nigerian music artist is Rema, and he has recently made headlines due to a number of concert cancellations. Rema has been forced to cancel a number of his concerts due to health reasons, and this has caused a lot of disappointment among his fans. However, Rema has assured his fans that he is doing well, and he is looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as possible.

Phyna and Groovy’s Post-BBNaija Relationship Status Update

Phyna and Groovy are two former Big Brother Naija housemates, and their relationship has been closely followed by Nigerians. The two have been spotted together on a number of occasions since leaving the Big Brother house, and there has been a lot of speculation about their relationship status. However, Phyna and Groovy have recently clarified that they are just friends.

Orezi Loses Multi-Million Naira House to Fire

Orezi is a popular Nigerian singer and actress, and she has recently suffered a major loss. Orezi’s multi-million naira house has been destroyed by fire, and she has lost everything. This is a devastating loss for Orezi, and she is currently seeking help from her fans and the public.

New Movie “Infinite Horizon” by Jahrel

Jahrel is a popular Nigerian musician, and he has recently released his new movie “Infinite Horizon”. The movie is said to be a story about love, loss, and hope, and it has been well-received by critics.

AFRIMA Advocates Measures to Combat Drug Abuse in Africa’s Creative Sector

The All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) has recently called for measures to be taken to combat drug abuse in Africa’s creative sector. AFRIMA has expressed concern about the increasing use of drugs among African artists, and it has called for a coordinated effort to address this problem

BBNaija All Stars: Nigerians Disappointed by Doyin

The latest season of the Big Brother Naija show, BBNaija All Stars, has been met with mixed reactions from Nigerians. While some viewers are enjoying the show, others are disappointed with the overall quality of the content. One of the main criticisms of the show has been the performance of Doyin, one of the housemates. Doyin has been accused of being lazy and uninterested in the game.

Alleged Assault: Yhemolee Sues Lil Frosh for N200 Million

Yhemolee, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has filed a lawsuit against Lil Frosh, a popular Nigerian rapper, for alleged assault. Yhemolee claims that Lil Frosh assaulted her in 2022, and she is seeking N200 million in damages. Lil Frosh has denied the allegations, and he has filed a countersuit against Yhemolee.

Helen Paul Reveals She Is the Voice Behind Psquare’s Hit Song ‘Story’

Helen Paul is a popular Nigerian actress and comedian, and she has recently made a shocking revelation. Helen Paul has claimed that she is the voice behind Psquare’s hit song “Story”. This revelation has caused a lot of buzz in Nigerian entertainment circles, and many people are wondering if it is true.

Iyabo Ojo Sues Lizzy Anjorin, Demands N500 Million

Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin are two popular Nigerian actresses who have been involved in a long-running feud. The feud has recently escalated, and Iyabo Ojo has now filed a lawsuit against Lizzy Anjorin, demanding N500 million in damages. Iyabo Ojo claims that Lizzy Anjorin has defamed her character and tarnished her reputation.

Ekiti Govt Sues Chef Dammy’s Pastor, Demands N10m Damages Over Rights Infringement

The Ekiti State government has filed a lawsuit against a pastor in the state, demanding N10 million in damages. The government claims that the pastor infringed on the copyright of Chef Dammy, a popular Nigerian chef. Chef Dammy has accused the pastor of using his recipes without his permission.


The latest entertainment news in Nigeria is as always full of surprises and drama. From Asake’s Spotify dominance to Orezi’s house fire to Pere’s relationship clarification, there’s something for everyone to talk about. It’s clear that the Nigerian entertainment industry is still going strong, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

In conclusion, entertainment news is an important part of Nigerian culture. It is followed closely by Nigerians both at home and abroad, and it can have a significant impact on society. From promoting new artists and movies to raising awareness of social issues, entertainment news can shape the way we think and behave.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the latest entertainment news in Nigeria.

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